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Kwasi Bonsu, Esq. (aka Dejazmatch Kwasi), is an entertainment attorney, music artist, actionist and author. He prides himself in completing meaningful work across professions. Kwasi is the creator of the online platform, The Lion's Voice Network (TLVN), a leading and credible platform that fills the void of the lack of authentic Ras Tafari voices in online media. In 2021 Kwasi released his first published work, Haile Selassie I’s Ethiopia, Volume One: The Rise of the Priestly Warrior Kings. Kwasi believes in action over talk, hence he coined the term “Actionist'' to encompass both his charitable and entrepreneurial endeavors. 

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Haile Selassie I’s Ethiopia, Volume One:
The Rise of the Priestly Warrior Kings 
by Kwasi Bonsu, Esq.

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